Cherry Picking Brentwood: A Juicy Adventure in Nature’s Bounty

Cherry Picking Brentwood

Indulge in the sweet abundance of Cherry Picking Brentwood, a delightful experience nestled in California’s fertile lands. Handpick plump cherries amid picturesque orchards, savoring nature’s tasty treasures. Get ready for a juicy adventure that will leave your taste buds craving more.

Cherry Picking Brentwood Overview

Cherry Picking Brentwood

Cherry picking in Brentwood is a delightful experience that allows you to enjoy the bountiful harvest of fresh cherries while immersing yourself in the picturesque surroundings. Located in the heart of California’s agricultural region, Brentwood offers a variety of orchards where visitors can handpick cherries directly from the trees. As you stroll through the rows of cherry trees, you can savor the sweet aroma and taste the juiciest cherries at their peak ripeness. Whether you’re a fruit enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a fun-filled activity, cherry picking in Brentwood is a memorable adventure for all ages.

What to Know Before Visiting Brentwood for a Day of Cherry Picking

Cherry Picking Brentwood

  • Follow the cherry season closely. For the most recent information about U-pick cherry farms and the kinds of cherries they are offering, visit the Harvest Time in Brentwood Facebook page. Visit the website to learn more about open U-pick farms. If you need to make a reservation, contact the farm ahead of time.

  • Decide which farms you’ll visit in advance. For the most recent information, as noted above, visit the Harvest Time Facebook page and website. By making a plan, you can account for travel time and distance while knowing exactly where you’re going. You should take that into consideration since some farms request reservations in advance. You can easily drive to one of the many farms in the region if you don’t want to make plans. There are several signs pointing in all directions as you enter Brentwood for collecting cherries and other fruits and vegetables. Feel free to visit several farms for cherry harvesting.

  • Call the farms to confirm the opening times, cherry varieties, and acceptance of dogs. Sweetheart, Rainers, Champagne, Bing, and more types are among them. Due to the short season, weekend trips are when most people go cherry picking.

Cherry Picking Brentwood

  • Avoiding holiday weekends like Mother’s Day and Memorial Day is advised. You will spend some time in traffic because the city’s 1- to 2-lane roads are clogged with traffic.

  • Go to the farms throughout the workweek. It is advised to go cherry-picking on the weekdays if you have the option to take a day off work or work a half-day. With fewer people on the farm, cherry picking is more pleasurable and less stressful.

  • To beat the traffic, find a good parking spot, and escape the heat, go early in the morning. When all of the cherries have been sold for the day, or around 3 p.m., the majority of the farms close. The majority of the farms open at 9 a.m. It may be difficult for motorists driving by to pass cars parked along the sides of the roadways, as we have witnessed. We advise getting to the farms prior to 10 a.m. It’s best to start early in the morning because Brentwood also gets hot (above 80°F) as the day wears on.

Cherry Picking Brentwood

  • If you don’t mind your automobile becoming muddy, you might want to bring it. Since many of the farms only have dirt parking lots, the region becomes highly dusty. After your day trip, you’ll need to wash your car.

  • Dress comfortably and put on a cap and closed-toe shoes. During your cherry-picking period, you should feel comfortable. The farm is dusty because you’re surrounded by fields and orchards.

Things to Bring When Cherry Picking Brentwood

Cherry Picking Brentwood

  • Lots of water. You don’t want to become dehydrated because the mornings and afternoons might be hot. Additionally, you can wash the cherries in water before tasting them.

  • Add more sunscreen. Avoid getting sunburned on your face or arms even though there is shade provided by the cherry trees since the sun will beam through the cracks.

  • A hat. Wear a hat with full coverage to shield your face.

  • A stool or step ladder that can be folded up for reaching cherries. It’s simpler if you have your own because you might not be able to find one on the orchard farm. Because they receive more sunlight, the cherries on the taller branches are tastier.

Cherry Picking Brentwood

  • To pay for your cherries, bring cash. Nevertheless, some farms might take credit cards.

  • If there is a picnic area at the farms, bring food and drinks. You’ll need to confirm in advance with a farm.

  • For the purpose of bringing cherries home, pack a cooler with ice. Brentwood experiences scorching afternoons and late mornings. On the drive back home, you wouldn’t want your cherries to get too hot.

  • Bring damp paper towels. After collecting cherries, you might need them to wipe your hands, face, and neck.

  • For the drive home, pack an extra piece of clothing or footwear. Wearing fresh clothing and footwear will feel revitalizing.


As the Cherry Picking Brentwood comes to a close, we bid farewell to the joyous days spent among the bountiful trees. With baskets brimming with nature’s sweetness, we cherish the memories made and the flavors savored. Until next year, when we reunite for another delectable journey.